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Confidential Information Access Systems


Our offer includes services in standards ensuring the protection of classified information with a 'restricted' clause status.

We own rights of accessing and processing that information in our information and communication system that meets requirements stated in the Act of Classified Information Security from the 5th of August 2010.

Our employees have full competencies to design and build networks with the restricted clause in area and buildings of civil services, administration, courts, and prisons.

Regarding the subject of protected data, to the needs of ourselves and external customers, we implement and provide consultations for requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, including the context of the amendment of 2018. (GDPR – general data protection regulation)

  • PoCI
  • ICT system
  • ISA
  • RMB
  • SSR
  • ICT SI
  • ICT SA
  • SO
  • RODO
  • ABI



  • An office desk and a room adapted to process classified information with the ‘restricted’ clause
  • Information and communication system which meets requirements of the protection of information with the ‘restricted’ clause
  • Designers and specialists with experience and authorization of access to classified information
  • Consultations regarding the requirements of the Act on the protection of personal data, also in the context of changes planned in 2018 (GDPR)


Supported projects

Regional Infrastructure Office in Szczecin

We built teletechnical duct system and laid fibre-optic and brasen cables for Regional Infrastructure Office in Szczecin as part of the modernization of tele-technical networks.

Regional Infrastructure Office in Szczecin

We designed and built a teletechnical and ICT system, including fire alarm installations and security systems (Intrusion Alarm System, Access Control System and CCTV) for the Regional Infrastructure Office in Szczecin as part of the building’s modernization of former Casino to the building of the Military Orchestra.

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