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IT System Design and Implementation

Designing and implementing ICT systems

The physical layout of the network is not everything. We are always willing to engage ourselves in projects associated with designing and implementing active components (radio one as well) and IP configuration.

We cooperate with leading suppliers of IT devices and systems. During implementation, we are playing the role of a team explaining the business needs of our customers in the devices selection part. Thanks to this we are very good at creating functional and utility programs or other specifications. We have a wide experience in work with projects related to Public Procurement Law.

Our company owns LIR status (Local Internet Registry) and extensive experience in implementing the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) protocol.

  • GPON
  • radiolines
  • LTE networks
  • xWDM
  • routing
  • switche
  • IP
  • BGP
  • IPTV
  • LIR
  • RIPE
  • OSI L2-L7
  • VoIP
  • PZP


  • designing and implementing radio solutions (radio line, LTE systems)
  • implementing and designing GPON solutions (Gigabit Passive Optical Network)
  • implementing and designing xWDM solutions (Wave Division Multiplexing),
  • configuration and managing L2 /L3 networks,
  • managing services based on IP (Internet Protocol),
  • implementing and managing BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) network,
  • preparation of specification and providing consultation on the need for project realized in the Public Procurement Law framework

Supported projects

Delivery of edge routers and implementing BGP network for the Municipality of Szczecin

We delivered two edge Junipers’ routers for the Municipality of Szczecin and we trained Information Technology Department in BGP network subject.

Obtain classes of addresses for Szczecin Science and Technology Park and service of LIR for the Municipality of Szczecin

inProjects have been owning LIR status through the last few years. For the Municipality of Szczecin, we provide consultations regarding BGP operations as well as sharing classes of addresses and managing information in the RIPE base.

We have performed an advisory and an expert function in terms of teletechnical infrastructure for Science and Technology Park in Szczecin. We supported on concept developing stage and afterward in the technical dialogue and during participation in the public procurement procedure on designing, building, delivering, implementing, maintaining, servicing of systems and applications, which created an architecture of the technological platform and IT devices infrastructure for Science and Technology

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