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85F91DE3-BF99-4202-8960-AA70C18E3753 Created with sketchtool. SysOps and Managed Hosting Services


Within SysOps and managed services, we offer to manage and maintain activities on your or our servers with monitoring of their availability and securing data backup.

Our offer is directed mostly to companies with IT infrastructure which required managing on systems and services level (sysops). Our experience includes cooperation with software development teams. To those teams, we successfully offer services like “DevOps”.

  • Linux
  • Hosting
  • IAAS
  • Visualization
  • Kontenery
  • Docker
  • Monitoring
  • Openstack
  • HA
  • Klaster
  • VPS
  • SLA 24/7
  • DevOps
  • CI
  • Bacula
  • OpenVPN
  • LDAP
  • DRBD
  • VMWare


  • Servers administration
    • visualization
    • security updates
    • services scaling
    • mservices and servers migration
    • maintaining development and productions environments (DevOps)
  • IT monitoring
    • 24/7/365
    • messages notification
  • High availability
    • high Availability Cluster
    • data backup


We safe developers working hours

Outsourcing of SysOps and DevOps services can be directly counted on the money. How much time of a senior did you waste on putting new machines?

It's worth knowing about a non-working service earlier than customers!

Our services include monitoring of each production server. Upon request, we offer a 24/7 immediate reaction to incidents.

Do you know who has an access to your environment?

We do not accept any comprise regarding safety. Developers' teams very often have deadlines which cause taking the easy way out regarding security issues. Only external team of administrators can keep the safety of service in order and to control the access to infrastructure (ex. By VPN).

Backup that works

Backup is a very broad topic. No one has time for it. We offer a proven solution for creating backups – Bacula.

You always have someone to call to

As a part of SysOps and DevOps services, we offer consultations with our specialists.

We also know much about networks!

Telecommunication networks are included in the inProjects DNA code. As a part of our cooperation, we are ready to configure and maintain the network infrastructure of your office. Let's be honest. A dedicated, full-time network specialist is unprofitable in some cases.

Supported projects

SysOps for Dige

Through the last few years we have been servicing server and system infrastructure for one of the interactive agencies from Szczecin named Dige (dige.pl). Our responsibilities cover: dedicated server services, providing HA (High Availability), monitoring and data backup.

Managed hosting for Stettinera

From few years we provide a dedicated server for one of the customers of the interactive agency named Stettiner. We provide service on our infrastructure to ensure internet connection, monitoring, data backup, and administrative support during service updates on the server.

Hosting and SysOps for WellServed

WellServed is a startup company from Szczecin which has been hosted from the beginning by inProjects. As a part of our cooperation, we provide virtual servers together with monitoring and data backup.

We have performed an advisory and an expert function in terms of the teletechnical infrastructure for Science and Technology Park in Szczecin. We supported on concept developing stage and afterward in the technical dialogue and during participation in the public procurement procedure on designing, building, delivering, implementing, maintaining, servicing of systems and applications, which created an architecture of the technological platform and IT devices infrastructure for Science and Technology

Logical network support for Netto Arena

For sport and entertainment hall in Szczecin we ensure monitoring and development services of logical telecommunication network. We conduct network security audits. We provide an independent consultations regarding IT systems.

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