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zespół inProjects

About us
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About company

inProjects is managing projects in various ICT branches. We design and implement ICT networks as well as provide systems’ services, prepare business analyses and share our knowledge regarding projects financed by the EU fund. You can read more HERE.

InProjects has been operating on the market since 2011 but first thoughts about doing business together started a few years earlier. It was a natural consequence of unusual business chemistry and great effectiveness in cooperation between Wojtek, Jurek, and Krzysiek. Their extensive and various experience has resulted in creating a wide competencies company. Effective operating of the company that deals with different projects would be not possible without a one and common ground. In the case of inProjects, those are values and vision of the place that we want to create for the team and customers.

We share with you our know-how and we use it for an effective task realization. We are ready to participate in projects that will be a challenge for us. Above all, we care for unique business chemistry, that we have already mentioned. It is important inside our team but also in an external manner.

Zespół inProjects


Zarząd inProjects w akcji

Everyone has their opinion on the Management Board 😉

Zdjęcie zespołu inProjects w pomarańczowych odblaskowych kurtkach

We test WERIN jackets 😉

Monika i Paweł - nowi członkowie inProjects team


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Our constantly-growing team is a group of various personalities, characters, different beliefs, ideas, and passions. This diversity it the main engine of our growth. Each person of inProjects team puts into the company knowledge, experience and also different view on the tasks which we carry on. It allows having a lot of intense discussions and some little digs… but this all makes us like to work together more. Know more about us!

Wojciech Kozicki Wojciech Kozicki
Wojciech Kozicki


Krzysztof Kowalczyk Krzysztof Kowalczyk2
Krzysztof Kowalczyk


Jerzy Kosiedowski Jerzy Kosiedowski
Jerzy Kosiedowski


Przemysław Olekszy
Przemysław Olekszy

project manager, designer

Julia Wróblewska Zdjęcie Julia Wróblewska
Julia Wróblewska

project manager

Aneta Kozicka
Aneta Kozicka

office manager

Agnieszka Smug Agnieszka Smug
Agnieszka Smug


Monika Nizińska Monika Gruszecka 1
Monika Nizińska


Paulina Krawczyk Zdjęcie Pauliny Krawczyk 1
Paulina Krawczyk


Paweł Dziedzic Paweł Dziedzic 1
Paweł Dziedzic


Mateusz Łokietek Mateusz Łokietek 1
Mateusz Łokietek


Magdalena Makowska
Magdalena Makowska


Anna Bucyk
Anna Bucyk

designer assistant

Krzysztof Ebert Krzysztof Ebert 1
Krzysztof Ebert

senior developer

Marcin Wasilewski Marcin Wasilewski 2
Marcin Wasilewski

SysOps/DevOps specialist

Marcin Włodarz Marcin Włodarz
Marcin Włodarz

developer/data protection specialist

Maciej Olszewski
Maciej Olszewski


Milena Kapanajko
Milena Kapanajko

QA specialist

Mariusz Kuligowski Mariusz Kuligowski 3
Mariusz Kuligowski

Werin CEO

Sebastian Jelonkiewicz Sebastian Jelonkiewicz
Sebastian Jelonkiewicz

project manager, Werin sp. z o.o.