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We implement new technologies effecively

Designing telecommunication<span>networks</span>

Designing telecommunicationnetworks

Designing telecommunication<span>networks</span>

We select a suitable technology, provide consultations and design network adapted to your expectations. We can start from a concept and get you through all stages: technical, administrative and legal. We design networks based on different technology, from the highest layers of the physical infrastructure to in-building installations and low-voltage infrastructure.

  • CD
  • DD
  • FaUD
  • MDP
  • TC
  • TCP
  • CM
  • Technical concept
  • FTTH
  • Micro duts
  • GPON
  • DCO
  • SETC
  • Water sampling
  • Lease of sewer systems
Software <span>development</span>

Software development

Software <span>development</span>

We combine business and technology. Our work is focused on the business side of each project that we are working on. We believe this is the only way to create a product that responds to the real needs of the market. This global approach is transformed into the process of software developing, where we strive to find optimal technology for particular problem solutions.

  • agile
  • scrum
  • pyhton
  • django
  • java
  • jquery
  • product owning
  • roadmap
  • business analytics
SysOps and managed<span> hosting services</span>

SysOps and managed hosting services

SysOps and managed<span> hosting services</span>

We will manage and maintain services on yours or our servers, by monitoring their availability and ensure data backup.

  • Linux
  • Hosting
  • IAAS
  • Visualization
  • Kontenery
  • Docker
  • Monitoring
  • Openstack
  • HA
  • Klaster
  • VPS
  • SLA 24/7
  • DevOps
  • CI
  • Bacula
  • OpenVPN
  • LDAP
  • DRBD
  • VMWare
Designing and implemnting<span>teleinformatic systems</span>

Designing and implementingICT systems

Designing and implemnting<span>teleinformatic systems</span>

The physical layout of the network is not everything. We are always willing to engage ourselves in projects associated with designing and implementing active components (radio one as well) and IP configuration.

  • GPON
  • radiolines
  • LTE networks
  • xWDM
  • routing
  • switche
  • IP
  • BGP
  • IPTV
  • LIR
  • RIPE
  • OSI L2-L7
  • VoIP
  • PZP
Building telecommunication<span>networks</span>

Buildingtelecommunication networks

Building telecommunication<span>networks</span>

We will build a telecommunication infrastructure by following your expectations. We build networks in various technologies: from fiber-optic ground cable or used in micro ducts, to in-building installations and low-voltage infrastructure.

  • FTTH
  • Telecommunication ducts
  • Microduct systems
  • Welding and measurement of fiber optics
  • Low-voltage installation
  • Radio installation
  • LAN network
  • Network technical service
Consultations regarding <span>UE projects </span>

Consultations regarding UE projects

Consultations regarding <span>UE projects </span>

Under Provado.pl brand we successfully create with our partners' various technical concepts, functional and utility program and estimations of IT projects' budgets which can be financed by EU resources. We have an extensive experiment in designing and budgeting networks build under Digital Poland Operational Program 1.1.

  • POPC
  • RPO
  • Provado.pl
  • PFU
  • Application
  • Schedule
  • Technical concept
  • Technology credit
  • Eligible expenses
  • Financing
  • Application documents
Meet the team

We widely operate in the telecommunication branch.

We provide services of IT consultations and in leading projects for small and medium entrepreneurs, local governments, organizations, and institutions.