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Network Construction

Building telecommunication networks

We will build telecommunication infrastructure according to your requirements and design (but we can also prepare it for you).

We offer building networks in different technologies – from fiber-optic, ground-based cables or arranged in micro ducts – to in-building installations and low voltage infrastructure. For existing infrastructure, we can prepare measurements and executive and subcontracting documentation. To the needs of building networks, we created a dedicated entity – WERIN company.

  • FTTH
  • Telecommunication ducts
  • Microduct systems
  • Welding and measurement of fiber optics
  • Low-voltage installation
  • Radio installation
  • LAN network
  • Network technical service



  • Welding fiber-optic cables with measurements
  • Ground-based fiber-optic infrastructure:
    • construction of  teletechnical duct systems
    • construction of micro ducts
    • blowing fiber optic cables
    • blowing microcables and microducts
    • performing leakage and patency tests of microducts
  • In-building installations:
    • execution of LAN network, alarm and fire emergency installation
    • execution of electrical installation
    • execution of easy access cable technology installation
    • building’s network measurements
  • Ground-based energy infrastructure – building of energy cables
  • Construction works with designs that require access to classified information.

Stages of cooperation


We work in model "design and build" as well as "build based on the design". If you do not have a project – we can design one for you.


We value direct relations and communication – regardless on project documentation we always prefer wiring meetings.


We can prepare construction estimation pursuant to the functional and utility programme, investor or blank valuation or after on-site verification. If you build FTTH network we can carry out the automatic analyze of different routes possibilities, so we can choose the optimal one.

Construction works

The quality is more significant for us than margin, that is why we are sometimes not the cheapest one. We contract constructions in such a way that the work carried out does not affect the timeliness of the commitments.

Commissioning and measurements

After completing work, we will provide a set of measurements.

Subcontracting documentation

It is obvious for us that completed investment should have reliable documentation.

Supported projects

Building fiber-optic connections for the Municipality of Szczecin

For the Municipality of Szczecin, we have constructed several fiber-optic connections for the municipal building.

Designing and building fiber-optic connections for university units in Szczecin

For the Academic Center of Information Technology of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, we have designed and built fiber-optic network connections between university units in Szczecin. We used existing OPL ducts based on micro ducts.

Modernization of structured and power cabling installation in Forest District building in Złocieniec

For the purpose of the computer network modernization in Forest District building in Złocieniec we created a new network infrastructure along with the power supply network and installation of a 10kV UPS and air conditioner

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