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zespół inProjects

EU Projects Consultancy

EU Consulting

In the frame of comprehensive IT services financed from EU funds, we work under PROVADO brand.

PROVADO consortium has been established by initiatives of two companies – inProjects and ARVADO Consulting.

We have been cooperating closely since 2011 in the field of comprehensive telecommunication and information technology project management co-financed by the EU funds. As independent companies and as a consortium we have managed over 45 projects through the country with a value of more than 500 million zlotych.

  • POPC
  • RPO
  • Provado.pl
  • PFU
  • Application
  • Schedule
  • Technical concept
  • Technology credit
  • Eligible expenses
  • Financing
  • Application documents


Our customers are both: companies that did not realize telecommunication or information technology projects financed from EU funds and companies which have extensive experience in the realization of such investments.

As a PROVADO consortium, we offer comprehensive projects management financed by EU funds from programs like:

  • Digital Poland Operational Programme
  • Smart Development Operational Programme
  • Regional Operational Programmes
  • Technology Credit

and programs implemented by The Ministry of Administration and Digitalization and National Centre of Research and Development.


Depending on the complexity and type of the investment, as well as the individual needs of our customer we managed projects in the following stages:


Analyze of need and possibilities in receiving funds.


Preparation of complete application documentation


Physical and financial calculations during the project

Please visit the PROVADO website for more information.

Supported projects

Consultations within EU projects

More than 40 telecommunication projects involving the construction of infrastructure for broadband fiber-optic networks (FTTH) and radio networks (LTE, WiMax) of total value exceeding 247 million zlotych.

Provided services included preparation of complete application documentation required to receive funds, preparation of technical projects and estimations, as well as stand-in the role of contract engineer or general contractor.

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