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Network Design

Designing telecommunication networks

We will choose technology, design and prepare the complete dossier required for building your network.

We design telecommunication networks as well as low-voltage in-building installations. We have an extensive experiment in the implementation of activities based on public procurement law and permission to access and process classified information.

  • CD
  • DD
  • FaUD
  • MDP
  • TC
  • TCP
  • CM
  • Technical concept
  • FTTH
  • Micro duts
  • GPON
  • DCO
  • SETC
  • Water sampling
  • Lease of sewer systems

Detailed scope of services

  • Technical concept, a study of conditions, functional and utility program
  • Project and budget documentation
  • Accompanying documentation (technical conditions, environment impact assessment, traffic circulation plan)
  • Leasing and designing in an existing sewer system
  • Access to estates and buildings, negotiations, concluding agreements
  • Processing of classified information with restricted status
  • Automation of telecommunications infrastructure design processes – cost simulation of building FTTH network in any area

Process of project developing

A concept (Functional and utility program)

We determine the material scope, opportunities, and threats associated with the implementation of available solutions. At this stage we know: where, with use of what technology, when and on what conditions. If the investment is realized in the "design and build" model based on public procurement law we introduce the functionality and utility program.

Designing solutions

We design the network location on our project realization maps after analyzing technical conditions and on-site verification. We determine path, parameters and functions of devices and the way they are referring to existing objects.

Formal and legal agreements

The network location project is verified for compliance with a range of statutes. We coordinate i.e. road decisions, coordination review, conservation permits or deviations from regulations. The agreement part is a multistage process and its complexity decides on the duration time of the designing stage.

Acquiring land rights

The foundation for infrastructure building on not our property in acquire so-called: right to use the property for construction purposes. We obtain it through administration decisions, agreements or by the establishment of the easement. In case of difficult situations there is also possibility to use advantage from privileges stated in legislation.

Project documentation

Complete project documentation consists of a few compilations: construction design, executive project, take-off, and full cost estimate, information on Health and Safety and technical specifications for completing and commissioning construction works.

Notification of construction or receiving construction permission

Notification of construction or receiving permission for construction means finishing the designing stage. The construction of connections is exempt from this requirement. In both situations, the developer needs to declare the right to dispose of properties.

Automation of telecommunications infrastructure design processes

In our work, we use the original computer processing system that supports the design process it is called: Automation of telecommunications infrastructure design processes (pl. APPIT).

It is an IT system which process data like GIS to:

  • indicate rates supporting the business decision-making process of building accessible telecommunications networks in a particular area,
  • support the telecommunication designing process by optimization of network routes and number together with place of their placement.

GIS data means, among others:

  • location of potential customers (so-called home premises, HP),
  • land surface,
  • road distribution,
  • distribution of existing post infrastructure (ex. power or telephone line),
  • distribution of other telecommunication network nodes.


The telecommunication operator is planning to invest a few million zlotych in building an FTTH network in an underground or above-ground infrastructure in several locations.  We put into automation of telecommunications infrastructure design processes (pl. APPIT) system data of locations addresses’ points (HP), road and existing post infrastructure distribution. Analyze is conducted is particular stages:


Supported projects

Designing an FTTH network under IE OP 8.4. for the Echo company.

With the Echo company from Choszczno, we cooperate in many areas. During IE OP 8.4. the project conducted in Choszczno and Drawsko county we designed 145 km of FTTH network with the use of the microduct system. In the urban area, solutions were optimized with extensive use of the lease of existing infrastructure other operators. Currently, the Echo network is being expanded under the Digital Poland Operational Program – based on our project documentation as well. 

Designing of fiber-optic connections for municipal units of the City of Szczecin.

For a few years, we prepare project documentation for Szczecin City Municipality regarding still expanding network connection between municipal units.

The project of reconstruction of the telecommunication industry on the road node in Stargard

To the needs of the reconstruction of a major communication node in the area of the Main Railway Station, we prepared complete documentation for the telecommunication industry reconstruction. Project documentation included infrastructure of reconstructing and securing for 5 operators: cable ducts, network node, fiber-optic and brazen cable lines.

Designing of FTTH network

In 2017 we designed nearly 200 km network in the FTTH technology for 2846 households under Digital Poland Operational Program 1.1. in Choszczno and Drawsko county. Networks were designed on the basis of our competition concept (also in terms of optimal use of own infrastructure and existing duct systems of other operators). It is second large investment realised by Echo company.

Designing of FTTH network

In 2017 on request from HFC company we designed 77 km of network in FTTH technology for 1740 households under Digital Poland Operational Program 1.1. in Gryfice county. The network was designed for the Prymas Inwestycje company from Rewal. We are proud of this realization because thanks to a great determination and great cooperation with all stakeholders and besides many difficulties that we met, we have finished the project on time and with almost 100 % compliance with a concept.

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