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Optimising network routing and increasing investment profitability

How to plan a telecommunications network that takes into account the connection of many, hitherto neglected, address points and that is still a worthwhile investment?

Recent months and the COVID-19 pandemic have shown how big a problem is the lack of broadband Internet access for part of society. In the context of remote work and learning, access to offices, communication with other people, access to the network becomes an essential good. As a result, the construction and expansion of the missing telecommunications infrastructure is becoming increasingly important.

Designing and building networks in such a way as to use the existing infrastructure, minimise costs and meet the project schedule can be a challenge, so before starting work, it is worth considering simulations and optimisation of network routes.

Example of telecommunication routing.

We have been dealing with such optimizations for years in inProjects. We carried out the first projects of this type almost 10 years ago as part of activities co-financed from EU funds under the Provado brand. At that time, we performed network simulations and quotes for over 60 telecommunications companies for an amount exceeding PLN 1.5 billion.

About Provado brand.

For the preparation of routes in these projects, we used a proprietary system that automates the course and cost of the network – called APPIT. Over the years, we have been improving our knowledge within the business analytics of linear networks’ area by creating new cost estimates and HLD (High Level Design) for telecommunications operators.

The concept of the APPIT system was the starting point for the InTELi Platform created by our team, prepared at the request of the Office of Electronic Communications.

inTELi is a business intelligence system that prepares geographic areas’ businesses analysis in case their investment attractiveness. As part of the platform’s operation, 20 calculated indicators allow inferring on revenues, costs and potential of a given area. Some indicators are based on the simulated route of the optical fiber network, which the system performs for the analysis. For the platform’s need (at the request of the Office of Electronic Communications) the route of the fiber-optic network for the whole country was simulated (with the division into municipalities).

inTELi Platform indicators.

The inTELi platform is an excellent tool for quick and, above all, multidisciplinary profitability analyses of the planned linear infrastructure – so it is worth using it when selecting the best areas for investment.

We also use our GIS processing systems and know-how to prepare extensive, dedicated analyses of the linear infrastructure’s route. A good example is the analysis prepared for Asta-Net. When preparing HLD, we can help telecommunications operators in costing and optimizing the planned network.

We invite you to cooperate in the following scope:

  • business analytics and GIS data processing,
  • simulation and optimization of any line infrastructure’s course,
  • creating a HLD.

We attach product presentations to the article.

Presentation to download.

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